Winter Plant Protection Tips

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Cold weather is no longer just an issue for northern climates. Many areas of the country can experience the effects of cold weather. This means tender plants and flowers may be harmed from frost, wind burn, or death. Various winter plant protection tips can be used to keep plants when temperatures drop.

The first thing to do when contemplating plants for a garden is to choose the best plants. Your area will typically dictate the types of plants for a garden. Various plants are good for spring weather and for fall weather. However, unseasonably cold weather can be cause for alarm. This is when you need to have a winter plant protection plan.

Planting hardy and semi-hardy plants is a good option for areas that experience cold weather. You need to check the calendar to determine when to expect the first frost. The fall is also the time when weather can do unexpected things. Proper winter plant protection will keep your garden safe.

The most important aspect about winter plant protection is keeping all your plants warm. Adding mulch will be a great option as this will keep roots protected from the cold. Options for mulch include leaves and any straw. You can also use leftover mulch from spring landscaping.

Covering your plants is another winter plant protection tip when cold weather occurs. This can be done by using plastic covers or by building a cover from PVC and plastic sheeting. The cover will act like a miniature greenhouse to keep plants warm all through the winter.

A good winter plant protection plan will need to be developed before cold weather occurs. You should then determine what steps to take if a hard frost or freezing temperatures are expected. Plants in pots can even be brought inside to protect them from the cold.

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Winter Plant Protection Tips

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