Winter Composting Made Easy

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Winter composting can be easy with the implementation of a few steps during the fall and winter. This clever tutorial presents 6 easy steps to prepare for winter composting. Each step is well detailed and discusses the benefits of each step. For example, when discussing the first step “Set Up Winter Compost Bin,” the author discusses the importance of lining “browns”—or carbon-rich items—like straw, newsprint, and/or dead leaves at the bottom of the galvanized trash can (with a tight-fitting lid). This will facilitate the decay of the “greens”—nitrogen rich items—when they are added later in the season. This combination creates the fertile bacteria-enriched environment needed for successful compost. The most significant difference is that instead of immediately adding the greens, you will freeze it and save it to add to the winter compost bin later. An effective system will allow you to collect kitchen scraps and keep adding to a compost project throughout the year.

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Winter Composting Made Easy

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