Wilderness Survival | 6 Trees Every Survivalist Should Know And Why

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There are many skills that people should know to be prepared for any circumstance. This will include a set of skills for wilderness survival. One important skill is knowing how to properly identify trees that are in an area. This will be important as certain trees will provide a source of usable material and sustenance.

The best time to study trees is during the spring and summer when leaves are present. You then need to go out and examine the same trees again to see which ones can be identified by their bark and foliage. This will be the best way to identify trees when you are an area which may be unfamiliar and wilderness survival skills will be necessary.

Trees provide more than wood that can be used to make a fire. This is something that is basic when out in the elements and wilderness survival skills are necessary. However, you may not know the many ways that different trees can provide a means of survival. If survival is essential, then certain trees are likely to have leaves and berries that can be consumed for food.

One of the most basic wilderness survival skills is being able to make a shelter. The resin and the sap from specific trees can be used for food and function. You may be surprised to learn the resin from pines can be used as an adhesive. This will provide you with a means to ensure that a shelter remains intact and various tool you fashion will continue to function. This will be important for wilderness survival.

The ability to use trees for wilderness survival will depend on your particular situation. Tools will typically be needed to make use of certain parts of a tree. This means you need to have basic provisions when out camping or traveling in areas that are not familiar.

A list of trees to know for wilderness survival can be found on willowhavenoutdoor.com here…

6 Wilderness Survival Trees

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