Wild Yeast Bread | How To Make The Easiest Bread In History!

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The ability to bake bread without using store bought yeast has been done for hundreds of years. The bread was made by preparing a dough using local grains and some wild yeast. If you want to prepare homemade bread for yourself and your family without processed ingredients, then wild yeast bread is a great option.

You may be surprised to know wild yeast is also the ingredient that was used to brew beer before the advent of the yeasts we are familiar with today. If you have ever wondered why the bread you have been making is too dry or crumbly, then look no further than the type of yeast you have been using. Wild yeast bread will be more moist than most traditional bread recipes and will not require any added oil.

One important thing to know about wild yeast bread is you need to “feed” the yeast. Wild yeast at home needs to be kept in a refrigerator and requires adding a little water and some flour to keep it viable. This process is very simple and is essential for wild yeast bread.

The wild yeast that is used to make wild yeast bread is not as potent as store bought yeast and means a loaf of bread will take a little longer to make. Wild yeast takes longer to react with the grains that are used for your bread. The time it takes for the yeast to break down grain compounds is between 5 and 6 hours.

You should expect a wild yeast bread to take up to eight hours to prepare. The majority of that time will be spent waiting for the dough to rise. You can then form it into loaves by hand or use a loaf pan for baking.

Instructions to make wild yeast bread at home are found on weedemandreap.com here…

Wild Yeast Bread Recipe

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