When To Prune And Deadhead Your Garden

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Photo by: empressofdirt.net

Gardening is an activity many people do to grow food and to have a visually appealing landscape. One thing that can be confusing for a lot of people will be pruning. Knowing when to prune and deadhead the trees and plants that grow leaves, shoots, or stems is really important.

The key to knowing when to prune and deadhead is knowing when the growing season begins. You are going to prune and deadhead in the spring before new growth occurs. This will involve removing dead branches, buds, and even roots from various types of trees and plants.

Once you find out when to prune and deadhead, then you will easily be able to maintain a landscape and any garden area. You may also need to perform these tasks in the winter and summer too. A calendar is also available that can be used as a guide if you plan to do these tasks in the fall.

Information for when to prune and deadhead is available on empressofdirt.net here…

When To Prune And Deadhead Your Garden

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