Water Filtration For Emergency Preparedness

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When speaking in terms of emergency preparedness there is perhaps no better skill to learn than water filtration. If you have ever watched any of the popular emergency survival TV shows such as Survivor Man or Dual Survival, then you may already have an idea of a few ways that you can do this. But if the situation ever came up, do you think that you could actually pull it off?

Drinking unfiltered water from a stream, lake, river, or even a rain puddle can be very hazardous to your health. Pathogens, bacteria, parasites, and viruses can all grow within an unfiltered water supply. Let’s face it, the last thing a person needs when thrown into an emergency situation that is severe enough to cut off the water supply from the tap, or preventing you from buying a case of water at the store, is to become ill from polluted water. So, in the event of an emergency, what would you do to make your water drinkable?

The first approach that comes to mind is likely boiling your water. While this is probably the easiest and most effective approach, you may not always have the luxury of a fire or a container that you can use to boil. But, let’s say for the sake of argument that you do have a fire, but have no pot to boil it in. Did you know that you can boil water using a plastic bottle? By filling the bottle with water and hanging it above your fire and allowing the flames to just barely kiss the outside of the bottle, you can make your water safe enough to drink.

There are several ways to make your water safe to drink without fire though. Consider the option of using a few drops of bleach or iodine. There are also life straws that can make a huge difference. They can be obtained in the store or constructed using what mother nature has provided for you.

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Water Filtration For Emergency Preparedness

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