So, You Want To Be More Self Sufficient?

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We had been contemplating the idea of being self sufficient recently. Every time a big storm knocked out the power at our house or a big earthquakes or flood hit in another part of the world and left people scrambling to survive, we thought that being self sufficient was becoming more and more of a necessity every day. We didn’t want to be caught with no way to survive if a major catastrophe struck where we live, so we set about finding out where to get info about becoming a totally self sufficient family.

There are some websites on the internet that dedicate all or part of their content to being self sufficient and we found one that we think is really awesome. So, if you’ve also been thinking about becoming self sufficient, you will be able to find some excellent tips from this fantastic resource. We have been putting some of the theories and methods that we found there into practice and, since we started this project, we have been feeling more self sufficient already.

For example, we learned how to grow our own food and make our own laundry soap. We also learned how important research and pre-planning are to self-sufficiency. And, we learned that heat and power are two of the things that we would lose in the event a catastrophic event struck. Some important methods for installing a wood burning stove and solar electricity are available on the site.

Any and all of the tips found inside this helpful resource will add to anyone’s self-sufficiency by reducing their dependence upon outside sources. If you think that it would be beneficial to learn how to survive and thrive if something catastrophic should happen, then this is a great resource to start you on the path to self-sufficiency.

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So, You Want To Be More Self Sufficient?

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