Vehicle Emergency Kit, 17 Items Everyone Should Have In Their Car

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Recently, the Niagara University women’s basketball team was trapped in their bus for more than 24 hours while traveling from a basketball game back home. The coach was from the north where white-outs and severe winter storms are common. Everyone was aware that the weather would be bad, but no one realized just how bad it would be and how quickly the athletes would go from being inconvenienced to being in danger. Fortunately, the ladies had heat from the bus and some food and water available to them. This emergency situation shows how important it is to have your vehicle emergency kit prepared for severe winter weather.

Just like the basketball team, most people set out on their winter and holiday travels without thinking much about their return home. After all, we live in a well-connected, high-tech world and are never far from communication or emergency assistance. However, no matter how much technology we have, we are no match for the unpredictability of Mother Nature. White-outs, ice, flooding, and landslides can all change the perception we have that we are completely in control of our destiny when up against the elements.

Being stranded while traveling can cause problems that range from an unpleasant experience, such as mild hunger, to life threatening situations such as frostbite and medical emergencies caused by lack of prescription medications. But, you have a choice. You can prepare yourself well, or you can leave your health and well-being up to chance. The choice is yours and the answer is pretty clear.

We’ve discovered a great guide that can help you find out the 17 items that everyone should have in their car this winter. Some of the items are for comfort and convenience; others are a matter of health and welfare. However, they will all make your experience easier should you ever be stranded in your vehicle in the winter. Don’t be unprepared and follow these simple tips to avoid danger. Enjoy the winter, but don’t be caught off-guard!

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Vehicle Emergency Kit, 17 Items Everyone Should Have In Their Car

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