Using Nature’s Tin Foil

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Retaining heat when cooking various types of foods can be done by using tin foil. However, this is an option that may not be available when camping or if natural methods are preferred. One option you have is to use leaves as tin foil. Leaves are found in many places and offer a great way to retain heat when cooking.

The reason leaves can be used as a natural tin foil when cooking is due to water. This will mean the leaves that will be used as a cooking wrap should not be dry. If you use dry leaves, then expect your results to be disappointing. You will need to soak dry leaves in water to make them pliable and suitable to use as a food wrap.

There are many types of leaves that can be used as a natural tin foil or food wrap. You may need to use leaves that are store bought if none are available in your area. This includes skunk cabbage and the husk from corn. Cattail also can be harvested for its leaves to use as natural tin foil.

Many types of leaves can be used as a food wrap or simple tin foil. However, you need to ensure that a leaf is not poisonous or may cause an allergic reaction to certain people. This is crucial if you are out in an area camping or are not familiar with certain types of plants.

You should wash any leaves that will be used as natural tin foil. This is necessary to rinse off the dirt or any insects that may be present. The leaves also will absorb some of the water. Leaves can also be applied as a plate and pot holders to pick up food. 

A list of different types of leaves to use as natural tin foil is found on here…

Using Nature’s Tin Foil

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