12 Surprising Uses For Wood Ash In The Home And Garden

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Photo by: naturallivingideas.com

Do you have a wood burning stove or have a collection of ash from an outdoor grill? The ash you have collected is a great source of nutrients for your garden and can even be used in the home. You might be surprised at the numerous uses for wood ash that are available.

One of the best uses for wood ash is to add some nutrients to a compost pile. The winter season will often be the best time to collect ash that has been cleaned from a wood burning fireplace. You simply need to keep it stored until spring and add it to your compost pile.

There are also other uses for wood ash you have stored in your home. Wood ash can be used to make a homemade soap and as a deterrent to slugs or snails. The ash can even be used to clean up messy oils if no cat litter is available.

A list of surprising uses for wood ash is available on naturallivingideas.com here…

12 Surprising Uses For Wood Ash In The Home And Garden

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