Use This Clever Trick To Make Homemade Pop Cakes

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homemade-pop-cakes The easiest way to make pop cakes at home is by using a pop cake machine. However, this accessory may cost more than you might want to spend for special kitchen accessory. One option is to make pop cakes by using materials that can be found in your kitchen. You can make homemade pop cakes by using a few egg shells.

Fresh eggs and even eggs that are beyond the expiration date can be used for this project. If you plan to make a meal with a few eggs, then taking a few extra steps to save the egg shell will be beneficial. Preparing the eggs can be done by making a small hole in the top of the egg to drain out the inside. Make sure to wash out the egg shells you want to use for your homemade pop cakes. Soak the eggs in a salt water bath for a few minutes to make sure any left over egg material is removed from the eggs. You then need to take a muffin tin and layer it with tin foil. This will make a nest for the eggs that will be baked to produce your homemade pop cakes.

The key to baking homemade pop cakes is removing the egg shell. This is done by using oil to coat the inside of each egg shell. The next step is to prepare the batter for your homemade pop cakes. Pour your batter into a plastic bag and then cut one corner with a pair of scissors. You will use the bag to pipe the batter for your cakes. Bake the egg shells in a 400 degree oven for 10 to 12 minutes. Once all your homemade pop cakes have cooled, then you can then remove any excess cake with a knife. You will then need to remove the shell to access the cake.

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