Use Licorice Root For Indigestion Treatment

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Licorice Root For Indigestion Treatment

Licorice Root (referred to as DGL for Deglycyrrhizinated licorice) was recommended by Dr. Weil on the Dr. Oz show as an effective way to treat indigestion and minimize the struggle many have with acid reflux. Dr. Weil prefers DGL in the form of chewable tablets and recommends 2 (75 mg) tablets before or between meals. This herbal extract increases the mucous coating in your stomach, intestinal tract, and lower esophagus which reduces the inflammation caused by the stomach acid.  While many experience immediate success with just the DGL, Dr. Weil also recommends adding to the treatment a daily serving of 47 pistachio nuts. These nuts provide healthy prebiotics that support higher levels of beneficial bacteria in your digestive track. When purchasing DGL, it’s imperative that you select a brand with no glycyrrhizin. You can find chewable DGL at most health food stores, and for convenience on Amazon. It often costs less than $12 per bottle. For more information, refer to the sources below.

Sources: Dr. Weil and Dr. Oz

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