Ultimate Guide: 131 Survival Foods

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Storing food for an emergency is a crucial aspect for survival preparedness. The main thing to realize is the types of foods that can be stored. There are many types of foods that can stay fresh when they are in a suitable container. All you need to do is know the best survival foods to obtain.

There are many ways to prepare if you want to start storing survival foods. You will not need food that is bland tasting or not enjoyable by you or members of your family. Many types of tasty foods are available when you want to keep supplies on hand for an emergency.

The only items that cannot be used for survival foods are those that are fresh. You need to use food that will not spoil. This includes anything that has been canned, dehydrated, or is already packaged. Many foods to consider can be store bought or easily prepared at home.

A list of of survival foods is found on prepperzine.com here…

Ultimate Guide: 131 Survival Foods

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