How To Turn A Photo Into An Applique Fabric Pattern

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There are many ways you can stitch your way to art that is easy to make. Embroidery is one way to sew beautiful pieces of timeless art that your children will keep for years to come. If you love doing hobby projects, sewing is a great way to express yourself. Applique is another way to express your artistry by making picture art and you can use photographs for inspiration to make a great pattern.

The origin of the word applique is borrowed from the French term which means to apply or applied. This is a helpful way to explain how the art form works in that you apply layers and then sew them onto a piece of background material. Since many applique forms can be used, and the patterns and colors can vary, the creative options are almost endless. The best part of all is that you are the one to craft all this and can make each piece a unique signature for your little ones or loved ones.

You can start by choosing an easy photograph and picking materials that will layer for the finished product. You could even stitch your initials in the Applique when you are finished for a special touch. Embroidery can be used on the applique to add another personalized layer. If you are doing a nursery piece or just something for your family, you can add in all sorts of creative ideas. The time you spend is a worthwhile investment and it can be a truly fun and enjoyable hobby.

With all this in mind, we’ve found a wonderful tutorial that will walk you through the basics of turning a photo into an applique fabric pattern that will delight and inspire your family. In fact, you can teach your children or grandchildren how to applique and once they are old enough to handle the materials themselves, it will be a tradition that you passed onto your children. Truly, the best things in life are often those that are taught and then passed down.

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How To Turn A Photo Into An Applique Fabric Pattern

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