How To Turn One Garlic Bulb Into Lots Of Garlic Bulbs

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Garlic is a popular item that is used to add flavor when cooking many types of foods. If you want fresh organic garlic, then you have two options. One option is to spend more for the product when shopping or you can grow your own garlic bulbs. Considering how easy a process it is to grow your own garlic, it is an ideal and affordable option.

The only thing you will need to grow your own garlic bulbs is a single clove of garlic. However, one garlic bulb can easily produce lots of bulbs. The main thing to consider is where to get your supply of garlic. The garlic bulbs that are available at most grocery stores have been treated to inhibit sprouting.

The best thing to do is find an organic bulb of garlic and begin the sprouting process. Garlic is a wonderfully productive food where one bulb of garlic can be produced from just one clove. This means that you can use just one clove to obtain a single garlic bulb which will then produce lots of garlic bulbs. When it comes to planting, you have the option of using an indoor planter or you can plant your garlic bulbs outside. Garlic is a hardy food that will sprout and grow in both indoor and outdoor environments. However, the best time to plant garlic bulbs is in early spring or mid-autumn and you will find that garlic is able to grow in many types of climates. Keep in mind, though, that if you want to grow garlic throughout the year, then you may need to move your garlic plants to the inside or into a greenhouse.

Finally, if an old bulb of garlic has already sprouted then it is ready to put in the ground. You can plant the whole bulb or separate the cloves to plant separately. The process is so easy that there is truly no reason to avoid planting garlic that has already sprouted. The result will be a large amount of garlic bulbs that will provide delicious flavor to your foods.

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How To Turn One Garlic Bulb Into Lots Of Garlic Bulbs

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