Tropical Pallet Living Wall

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Displaying potted plants can be done in many ways based on the size of the container. If you buy small containers from a local nursery or store with a floral department, then putting them on a table or a shelf is common. However, a brilliant idea is to build a wall using old pallets. A simple pallet living wall can be made in just a few hours.

All you need for this project is a couple of pallets and the proper tools. The pallet is the source of wood that is used for this project. You will need to tear apart the pallet to use the pieces to construct the pallet living wall. This process will involve using a crow bar, a hammer, or other suitable tool. A pallet living wall can be a custom design for specific size containers.

The design of your pallet living wall will look like a shelving unit for a DVD collection. However, you will be adding other features that will change the look of the unit.

Another element of the design of your pallet living wall to consider is the application of a paint or stain on the wood. This will depend on your personal preference and where the wall will be located.

A wall is a good solution for various plants that you have started from seeds. You will then have the option to transplant them into your garden.

Instructions to build a pallet living wall are found on here…

Tropical Pallet Living Wall

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