Triple Pedestal Wide Farmhouse Table DIY

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Do you have a shed or garage full of wood and need a fun project to do? One option that is a great way to make use of some extra wood is to build a custom table. Depending on the size of table you need, then the best option may be a really wide farmhouse table.

Building a farmhouse table that is twice the width of a standard table is not as hard as you think is might be. All you need is the proper tools and supplies to complete the project. You will need some screws to secure the wood, some nails and even wood glue.

Assembling the legs of the farmhouse table will be the most important part of the project. Once all the legs are assembled, then you can see how the table will look when it is set in place. The top will be the easiest section to assemble.

Instructions to build your own farmhouse table are available on here…

Triple Pedestal Wide Farmhouse Table DIY

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