How To Train Chickens To Come When Called

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The idea of training chicken to come when called sounds a little ridiculous at first. However, anyone that has ever had to deal with chickens (or train chickens) knows that with the right motivation, chickens can do some pretty spectacular things. We’ve found a fantastic tutorial that can prove exactly that. It will show you how to train you chickens to come when called used a few basic training/conditioning methods.

Getting your chickens to return to their coop (without much effort), is a skill that can be learned and doesn’t require an elaborate plan to make it happen. As with most things, it will take time (but not a lot, surprisingly—two weeks at best) and energy. However, the time is pretty reasonable when you consider the confusion that can result with multiple flocks of chickens.

Fortunately, you won’t need much to start training your chickens. You will likely already have the things you’ll need to accomplish this. The most important items are your chicken’s favorite food or treat and a whistle (and in some cases a whistle isn’t even necessary). Chickens are easily swayed by the foods they love. You can use this to your advantage and obtain fantastic results. One of the more interesting results is that regardless of how many flocks you have, once you have an effective calling strategy, they will all come scrambling back to their coop with no hesitation.

Keep in mind, though, that each individual flock should have a completely different calling. Granted, this is only useful in situations where you want to avoid mixing flocks. However, if you have only one flock, then you do not really have to worry much about multiple callings. Additionally, once the chicken learns to recognize its call, it will be an effective way to find lost chickens.

Although chickens usually return to the coop as the sun goes down, there are times when chickens do have to come in unexpectedly and training them to come to the coop on your call is very beneficial in that regard. It is also a very beneficial factor for calling them in when predators are lurking. Training your chicken to come when you call, gives you the control that you need to ensure safety for your flocks.

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How To Train Chickens To Come When Called

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