Top 15 Insects You Can Eat To Survive…And How

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Living off the grid is a great way to be self-sufficient, but what do you do when you are lost when on a camping trip or trying to survive after a disaster? Anyone who is lost in the woods and has no food has the option to eat berries. There are also insects you can eat.

The main reason to eat insects and not just berries or plants is you need to have protein. You can get all the protein you need if you know which insects you can eat. There are a lot of different insects in an area, but only a few are suitable for eating.

One of the most common insects you can eat is a grasshopper. Another is a cricket. The insects that are in your area may depend on the climate and the current temperature. You may be surprised to learn you can also eat maggots if you are in an emergency situation.

A list of the insects you can eat can be found on here…

Top 15 Insects You Can Eat To Survive…And How

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