The Perpetual Gardening Record Book: An Essential Gardening Tool

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We want to introduce you to one of the best tools a gardener can own, The Perpetual Gardening Book, sold by CabinTiger Studio.

Good record keeping is essential to any successful activity, and this is true especially for gardening and backyard farming. Taking consistent notes of what’s been planted, when it was planted, specifying soil conditions and the types of fertilizers used, noting watering and fertilizing schedules, not to mention weather conditions, all are several crucial elements to be documented and tracked by a gardener to understand each year’s successes and even any potential setbacks. Collecting gardening activities and placing them into a calendar-styled journal helps any gardener begin to tell their gardening “story.” And this “story” will help each gardener solve any problems, repeat and build upon any successes, and ultimately share their gardening experience and legacy with others.

The-Perpetual-Gardening-Record-Book-An-Essential-Gardening-Tool2CabinTiger Studio offers an incredibly beautiful and well-designed Perpetual Gardening Book. It’s a simple annual calendar with lined pages and ample room for a gardener to track all activities on a daily basis. It also includes a growing chart (inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s garden records!) at the back of the book and several pages for freehand sketching. The book is made from recycled materials, and comes to life on brown craft paper (made in the USA out of Alabama) and includes occasional inspirational gardening quotes and photos. The photos that are thoughtfully placed throughout the book are from the talented Lauren Graves, an award-winning documentary photographer and also the owner CabinTiger Studio. The quotes of inspiration included in the Perpetual Gardening Book are the wisdom of Lauren’s grandmother, Evelyn Corley Buzbee, a life-long gardener and national judge of hostas and daylilies for more than 35 years, who also documented her own gardening experiences and travels over the years.

Our favorite inspirational message:

The main factor needed to attain a garden is time. A real garden where one may enter in and forget the whole world cannot be made in a week, month or year – it must be planned, and waited for, and loved into being. – Evelyn C. Buzbee

The-Perpetual-Gardening-Record-Book-An-Essential-Gardening-Tool3We are pleased to become acquainted with the CabinTiger Studio’s Perpetual Gardening Book. This book is perfect for anyone beginning or expanding upon the life of gardening, not simply because of how it captures and presents helpful information, but also because it engages the gardener so that the story of garden and gardner become one and the same.

The Perpetual Gardening Book makes a thoughtful gift anytime of the year. Head over to CabinTiger Studio to pick up a copy for yourself and for your friends and family who love gardening. While you’re there make sure to view Lauren’s photography, as she has several photographic prints and notecards also available.

Click Here CabinTiger Studio’s Perpetual Gardening Book

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