The Disbudding Goats Question: To Disbud Or Not To Disbud Your Backyard Goat

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People who homestead or have a lot of property might have various types of animals. Common animals for most people include chickens and cows. However, some people may have goats. Goats provide you a good source of milk and also a source of meat. If you are considering some goats over cows for milk, then safety may be an issue. This means disbudding goats may be necessary.

The buds on goats is the start of horns that will grow out over time. Some goats may need horns, while others do not. This depends on the breed and the purpose of the goats on your property. If you have the desire to raise goats on your property, then you may find disbudding goats might be beneficial.

One thing you need to consider about disbudding goats is the size of your herd. This is simply the total number of goats on your property. If you have many goats, then uniformity is key. You should get your goats on the same page by disbudding them all or letting them grow horns. If you have young children, then disbudding goats may need to be done for safety.

Research the types of goats you want to have on your property. You may find disbudding goats may be necessary for goats that are used as a source or milk. If you have goats that will free range in a pasture, then disbudding goats is not necessary. The best thing to do is look at the pros and cons of this process before making a decision.

Consult with other goat owners or a veterinarian if you think disbudding goats is necessary. You may want to have this done by someone experienced if you do not want to do it yourself. The option of disbudding or not disbudding is up to you.

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The Disbudding Goats Question: To Disbud Or Not To Disbud Your Backyard Goat

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