The Dirt On Diatomaceous Earth

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Photo By: The Prairie Homestead

Diatomaceous earth is AMAZING. If you are not familiar with all of its incredible health benefits for people and pets (and livestock) health, as well as its many uses for common household issues, then this article is a MUST READ.

First, a quick overview on what diatomaceous is. Basically it’s fossil material; that is to say, it’s fossilized single-cell diatoms. The fossil material is ground up into a very fine powder and is packaged according to food grade and industrial grade types. The food grade kind is the type you want use. Never use the industrial kind under any circumstances. Because diatomaceous is negatively charged and considered a “hard” substance, it’s extremely powerful in absorbing and removing toxins from the body. As Danielle, over at The Prairie Homestead explains, diatomaceous earth “gets rid of the things we want to stay away from, like viruses, pathogenic fungi and bacteria, heavy metals, prescription drug residues, pesticides, parasites, radiation, and the like – and sweeps them out of our bodies.”

In terms of health benefits alone, diatomaceous earth helps in the following ways:

– Removes foreign matter in the body allowing for better nutrient absorption
– Lowers blood pressure
– Lowers cholestoral
– Detoxifies metals from the body
– Helps repair and maintain lung funtion
– Treats head lice and fleas
– Decreases vertigo, tinnitus, and insomnia
– And more!

Not only is diatomaceous earth wonderfully helpful for improving human health, it also provides a long list of healthy benefits for many animals. Read on at the link below learn more about the amazing benefits and uses of diatomaceous earth. If you’re interested taking it to improve your health, the article will provide recommended dosages.

The Dirt On Diatomaceous Earth

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