How To Tell If A Mirror Is Two Way Or Not

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Sometimes you may find yourself in a dressing room and wonder if the mirror in front of you is actually a two way mirror and someone is watching your try on clothes. Although there are many kinds of surveillance, it is terrifying to think that someone might be watching you without your knowledge. Thankfully, there are ways to tell if a mirror is a two way or not and this knowledge will let you keep your peace of mind.

To address this issue, we tracked down a fantastic article that discusses the problem of finding out if a mirror is one way or a two way. In the article we discovered that one way mirrors are mirrors that show only your reflection. Two way mirrors can show you your reflection but they are actually designed to allow people to view you from the other side (think of an interrogation room from a television procedural). However, there are two kinds of one way mirrors (bear with me) that are glazed differently and can create particular effects when you interact with them. As such, when people press their fingers against the mirror to determine if there is a gap or not (the famed finger test that can allegedly determine a two way mirror), they will be confused because a true two way mirror will not reflect that way and this misinformation has created a bit of a panic.

When it comes to actual two way mirrors, most people envision images from television of police interrogation rooms. These mirrors are actually more of a glass than a mirror. To help clarify the situation, the article we found addresses the issue and offers practical and useful advice that will allow you to more accurately detect the see-through mirrors. To make the discussion easier, the author of the article refers to two way mirrors (interrogation room mirrors) as transparent mirrors to more accurately reflect their true nature.

With this in mind, the best way to determine if a mirror is actually a two way (or transparent) mirror is to look at how it is placed. If it is on the wall, it is likely a one way mirror since transparent mirrors have to be housed inside a wall. This way, you can rap on the mirror and if it is a transparent mirror, it will produce and open and hollow sound.

These are just a two of the resources you have to truly determine if a mirror is a transparent (two way) mirror or a one way mirror. The article presents many more methods that will help you to keep your peace of mind.

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How To Tell If A Mirror Is Two Way Or Not

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