Take A Load Off With Lightload Super Absorbent Towels

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The Lightload Towel is made of 100% viscose material and absorbs up to nine times its weight. It’s also super light and fast drying, not to mention soft on the skin. When packaged in its waterproof container, the Lightload Towel compresses to such a small size you can carry it in your pocket. They are machine washable, re-usable, and come in three three sizes:

Lightload Towel Small, 12″ x 12″

Lightload Towel Medium, 12′” x 24″

Ligtload Towel Large, 36″ x 60″

The Lightload Towel has several uses, although we use the large ones primarily as beach and pool towels and the smaller ones in our hiking gear. Here are some way you will find them handy:

– Indoor and outdoor activity
– Camping
– Hiking
– Fishing
– Sports
– Survival kit packing
– Blankets or for insulation
– Beach towels
– Scarves
– Beauty wrap
– Diaper
– And so much more!

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