How To Build A Chicken Coop

Do you want to raise chickens on your property, but do not have a chicken coop available? This is not a problem as you can easily build a chicken coop as a DIY project. A chicken coop is a small structure that is similar to a house as you need to start with a frame. You have the option to build a … [Read more...]

DIY Firewood Shed Plans

Do you have a fresh supply of wood for the upcoming fall season and no room to keep it in a garage or in your home? A cord of wood can take up a lot of space and might need to be kept outside. One way for you to do this is to build an enclosure by using firewood shed plans. A simple enclosure is … [Read more...]

How To Convert An Outdoor Shed Into A Smokehouse

Do you have an old wood shed that is not getting a lot of use? A shed can be purchased or made from a variety of wood and the right set of plants. You can even convert an outdoor shed into a smokehouse to use to cook a lot of meats. The best way to convert an outdoor shed into a smokehouse is to … [Read more...]

How To Build A Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

Do you come across old wine barrels from time to time and wonder if you can use one at home to do a fun DIY project? One idea you might want to do is make your own whiskey barrel coffee table. This is not difficult to do if you have the proper tools and supplies. If you have a full whiskey … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Pallet Shelving

Are you looking for a simple storage solution for a pottery studio or workshop? Shelving is typically an ideal option and a DIY solution is really easy to do. If you have some scrap lumber and a few pallets to use, then you can make your own pallet shelving. The process to make pallet shelving is … [Read more...]

How To Make Crates: Make An $11 Crate With A $3 2×4

Do you enjoy doing various woodworking projects like making furniture using a few variety of wood. One way to use a few scraps of 2x4 boards is to make your own wood crates. Knowing how to make crates from wood is the best way to recycle and even save money on store bought products. A table saw … [Read more...]

How To Make A BBQ Braai Table From An Industrial Cable Reel

Do you like to do fun DIY projects around your home? Something you may find interesting is to make your own homemade BBQ Braai table to use on a deck or patio. This project is not hard to do if the right tools and materials are available. The key to making a BBQ Braai table is finding something … [Read more...]

DIY Grandy Sliding Door Console Plans

Do you like to make pieces of art of even furniture from scrap wood? A great way to add a rustic piece of furniture in a living room is to build a console unit from scratch. The best part is you can even add a sliding door by using a set of sliding door console plans. A few pieces of new lumber … [Read more...]

How To Build Tall Wooden Planters

Do you have various planters set on your porch, deck, or patio? The planters you can find at most stores come in various sizes, but they are all mostly short. If you want a planter that is tall, then you will need to build is yourself. You can easily build tall wooden planters with the right … [Read more...]

DIY Outdoor Hanging Lamps

Are you interested in adding a decorative element to your garden or outside your home? One thing you may want to do is add some outdoor hanging lamps. A great way to do this is to make a lamp stand as a fun DIY project. This is something you can do in about two hours or less. The type of stand to … [Read more...]