Quackgrass Wine – Ferment Your Weeds!

Do you have some weeds like quackgrass growing in your yard? This weed is one of many that is easy to harvest and can be used to make quackgrass wine. The process to make a tasty wine by using this weed is not difficult as long as you harvest enough weed for this task. You need to have at least … [Read more...]

Port A Passenger With This Wine Barrel Bike Trailer

Do you have an old bike frame trailer that is no longer being used? If the wheels and the frame are still good, then you have a few options to consider. One idea is to build your own wine barrel bike trailer to haul or port an individual around town. A few modifications might need to be made to … [Read more...]

DIY Grape Arbor

Are you interested in growing grapes on your property and want something other than a fence or a wall for the vines to grow on? A great option is to build your own grape arbor. This is really easy and can be done by using a few pieces of wood. Grapes need something to grow on for support. A grape … [Read more...]

DIY Wine Barrel Fire Pit Table

Recycling is a great option for anyone who likes to reuse items in different ways. This may include making pieces or art of functional pieces to use around a home. One novel idea is to take a wine barrel and turn it into a fire table. A wine barrel fire pit table is similar to a typical gas log, but … [Read more...]