How To Have Spotless Windows For Months

Do you ever notice when you visit a friend, neighbor, or family member that their windows seem to be spotless? Washing windows regularly is needed as they will not stay clean long. A better option will be to use a cleaning hack to ensure you have spotless windows. Regular window cleaner is the … [Read more...]

DIY Remote Controlled Window Lifter

The cost to have something that is built completely custom and is unique may be expensive depending on the materials and the work that is involved. Many DIY projects typically done around the home are to have something updated or remodeled. You can also do interesting projects to perform a basic … [Read more...]

38 Best Ways To Repurpose Old Windows

Many items that are being replaced in a home can be used for various DIY projects. This includes a door and any old windows. If you have an old home or simply want to make a change, then doors and windows should not be thrown away. You can repurpose old windows to make art or other types of useful … [Read more...]