Off Grid Window Box Solar Heater Doubles As a Sun Oven

Are you interested in off-grid options to save money at home? One of the best options is to use ways to harness solar power. Solar power can be used for hot water and to heat your home. All you will need to do add a new heating option is to build a window box solar heater. A window box solar … [Read more...]

How To Add A Glass Window To A Hollow Core Door

Buying a new door that has what you want can easily be hundreds of dollars. One way for you to save money is to convert an old door into something that is new and improved. A great way you can do this is to add a glass window to a hollow core door. Hollow core doors are used in the interior of a … [Read more...]

15+ Uses For Tension Rods You Never Thought Of

Do you have a shower curtain in your bathroom? If you do, then it is probably supported by a rod. This type of rod is called a tension rod and is temporary and not permanent. There are many uses for tension rods as they come in many different sizes. Some of the uses for tension rods may be a bit … [Read more...]