DIY Water Well In A Day

Are you interested in buying property for a homestead and have concerns about a supply of water? Your best option is to drill a well as surface water may potentially be contaminated. One option that will be safe and reliable is to make your own DIY water well. There are many ways that can be used … [Read more...]

DIY Wishing Well Burn Barrel

Do you live in the country with a lot of property? There are many things you can typically do when out in the country that you cannot do in the city. A burn barrel is a good example. If you want to use one of these on your property, then consider customizing it to look like a wishing well. Making … [Read more...]

DIY Underground Cistern

The need for potable water is important and cannot be taken for granted. Whether or not you live in an area that does not have a well, an underground cistern is a great option. This is a great option for storing water to use for drinking or for irrigation. All you need to do is determine if one will … [Read more...]