Homemade Water Wheel Electric Generator

Are you familiar with water wheels that are used for grinding flour? If you have a stream or a source of running water on your property, then you may want to build your own water wheel electric generator. A simple generator can be made with a couple of¬†water wheels. The key to generating power … [Read more...]

Fast And Easy PVC Garden Watering System For Under $70

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to water a traditional garden or container garden setup? One of the best options is to use a DIY system that is inexpensive and not hard to put together. You might want to make something like a PVC garden watering system. A PVC garden watering system will … [Read more...]

Laundry To Landscape Greywater System

Are you interested in using all available resources that your home provides? One thing that you may be wondering is how to save or reuse water that is sent down the drain. Greywater from your laundry is a great way to water your landscape. All you need to do is learn how to set up a greywater … [Read more...]

Saving Potato Water: Why You Need To Do It

Cooking in the kitchen often meals there is a lot of preparation and cleanup that is needed. One type of food that is common with a lot of meal is mashed potatoes. This means you need to boil the potatoes to get them soft. Just make sure to save the potato water as it has a lot of interesting … [Read more...]

How To Can Water For Emergencies

There are many ways for people to prepare for a natural disaster or unexpected emergency. One thing that a lot of people do not realize is a supply of water will be needed. Water can be stored in many ways, but one of the best options is to can water for emergencies. The water bath canning method … [Read more...]

DIY Raised Garden Bed Irrigation For $100

Have you built raised garden beds on your property or think¬†that you might want to? One detail that is important to keep in mind is how to irrigate the crops you have planted. You can easily use a garden hose, but a better solution may be preferred. Raised garden bed irrigation can be done for about … [Read more...]

6 Instant Meals On The Go: Just Add Boiling Water

Are you a busy person on the go who does not have time to cook a hot meal every day? If you do not want to stop for fast food or rely on something cold, then many options are available. One option is to prepare a few instant meals that just need some boiling water. The key to making instant meals … [Read more...]

DIY Atmospheric Drinking Water Generator

Are you looking for a way to replace crappy tasting city water without having to buy gallons of bottled water? If you live in an area with high humidity, then you might already have what you need to make a simple atmospheric drinking water generator. This is not something that simply collects … [Read more...]

How To Store Water For Long-Term Emergencies

Water is a crucial resource that many people take for granted. The reason is they simply turn on the tap and out comes fresh water. However, this may not be an option when an unexpected event or a disaster occurs. You will need a good way to store water for long-term emergencies. Knowing how to … [Read more...]

How To Build A Bio Water Filter

Are you interested in a way to have filtered water that is cheaper than buying filters that is added to the kitchen faucet? Faucet water filters are not exactly cheap and means you should use another option that will be just as effective. A simple bio water filter may be just what you need. A bio … [Read more...]