Emergency Water Storage And Filtration – What You Need To Know

Planning for an emergency means you should have a stockpile of food on hand. However, one thing that is sometimes┬ánot considered when stockpiling food is having enough water to drink. If you lose power or water is not available in your home, then a backup supply is necessary. There are many ways to … [Read more...]

Emergency Water Filtration Solutions

Water needs to be potable for people to drink it safely. This is not the case in areas where contaminants are present or the groundwater is not suitable to drink. Drilling wells for water might not be practical in a lot of areas. There is also the issue of having water available in an emergency. You … [Read more...]

Water Filtration For Emergency Preparedness

When speaking in terms of emergency preparedness there is perhaps no better skill to learn than water filtration. If you have ever watched any of the popular emergency survival TV shows such as Survivor Man or Dual Survival, then you may already have an idea of a few ways that you can do this. But … [Read more...]