How To Make A Portable Washing Station

Do you do a lot of work outside or enjoy activities like camping, but lack access to a creek or have water for washing your hands? Washing your hands is important and can easily be done using any container that can hold water. A great idea is to make a portable washing station. A plastic jug is … [Read more...]

How To Wash Down Pillows Naturally

Washing your clothes naturally does not mean washing them by hand. Naturally washing clothes is done by using non-toxic all-natural cleaners or soaps. You can even learn how to wash down pillows in cleaners that are all-natural and contain no toxic chemicals. Learning how to wash down pillows at … [Read more...]

Guide: How to Unshrink Any Clothing Item

Everyone from time to time has washed and dried some clothing only to find it has shrunk. Cotton fabric will easily shrink when washed in hot water and placed in the dryer. Luckily, there is a method that can help to undo this result. All you will need to do is learn how to unshrink any clothing … [Read more...]