How To Cook A Turkey In A Trash Can In 90 Minutes

Cooking a turkey to have as a holiday┬ámeal is typically a long process if you are using a standard oven. The time and effort results in a tasty bird that is ready to serve on a platter. If you do not have any time to prepare a traditionally cooked bird, then you can easily cook a turkey in a trash … [Read more...]

Turkey And Vegetable Pasta Bake Freezer Meal

Are you interested in making meals that you only need to reheat after a long day of work? There is an assortment of recipes and options that are available. You can easily make meals to heat in a crockpot or in your oven. A tasty option is to make a turkey and vegetable pasta bake. The best thing … [Read more...]

How To Make Teriyaki Turkey Jerky

Do you enjoy eating turkey products as an alternative to typical meat products like hamburger? Turkey is easy to prepare and season with spices that make it really tasty. One treat that you can easily make at home is a teriyaki turkey jerky. You do not even need a dehydrator for this task. A … [Read more...]

How To Raise Turkeys For Meat

Are you interested in raising animals on your property to have as a source of meat? If you already have chickens or are thinking about chickens, then you may be surprised that turkeys are also an option. You can typically raise turkeys for meat easier than chickens. There are many things you need … [Read more...]