22 Trees That Can Be Tapped For Sap And Syrup

Do you know that many trees besides the Maple tree can be tapped for sap? You can¬†use the sap from various types of trees to make all types of tasty homemade syrups. However, there are trees that will provide you with sap that is better than others. A list of trees that can be tapped will be really … [Read more...]

Easy Strawberry Syrup (From Discarded Strawberry Tops!)

Do you like to make desserts like strawberry shortcake from fruit picked from your garden or bought at the store? Most people who prepare strawberries will cut off the top and throw it out. However, you are wasting a perfect opportunity to use strawberry tops to make strawberry syrup. The process … [Read more...]

Old Style Raspberry Syrup Recipe

Have you spent time¬†mashing strawberries to use for strawberry shortcake? You can do something similar with raspberries if you want to make old style raspberry syrup. There are only a few extra steps to have a syrup that can be added to a stack of pancakes and even ice cream. The hardest part … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Own Maple Syrup

Making maple syrup on an industrial scale is a complicated and expensive effort. Most people who have the ambition may not realize the work that is involved for the process. However, you can easily make your own syrup at home if you have access to maple trees. The only thing you need is the … [Read more...]