10 Survival Items To Scavenge From Abandoned Bicycles

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How To Make A Wire Toaster For Camping And Outdoor Cooking

Making toast when camping is not a simple task as you typically do not have a toaster. This will not be a problem if you have something else that will work just as well. You can easily make a wire toaster for camping by using a metal coat hanger. The key to being able to make a wire toaster for … [Read more...]

15 Uses For Liquor In An Emergency Situation

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100 Military Manuals You Can Download For Free

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22 Survival Uses For 2-Liter Bottles

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30 Awesome Survival Apps

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27 Survival Uses For Floss

Do you find that you seem to accumulate items that have only one purpose? A good example of an item is dental floss used for dental hygiene. There are many survival uses for floss that you can buy or get (usually free) when you have a semi-annual teeth cleaning. You may be surprised at the uses that … [Read more...]

How To Build A Self-Sustaining Home

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10 Survival Uses For Glow Sticks

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50 Survival Items You Probably Already Own

Would you be surprised to know many items you have in your home can be used for survival? Common items like the knives in your kitchen are rather obvious, but some may not be. Many survival items you probably already own can be found in many areas of your home. The kitchen is the best place to … [Read more...]