How To Cook Cassava: A Nutritious, Drought-Tolerant Survival Food

Do you want to be better prepared for an unexpected emergency or a disaster? Stocking up on food is a great thing to do, but there is something else to keep in mind. What about droughts? A garden that you have for food should have a plant like the cassava that is drought resistant. A drought … [Read more...]

How To Dehydrate Cheese And How To Use It

Do you raise goats for milk and know how to make your own cheese? If you have an ample supple, then one option is┬áto dehydrate it. Yes, you can dehydrate cheese if you have the right equipment. If you make your own beef jerky, then the dehydrator you use is already available. The important thing … [Read more...]

5 Reasons To Stock Honey As A Survival Food

Did you know that honey can be used for wound care? This is just one reason to keep this age-old sweet handy in case of emergency. You may think of honey only as food or a tasty sweetener but here are 5 practical tips on storing and using honey over the long run. If you are in the process of … [Read more...]