Easy Strawberry Syrup (From Discarded Strawberry Tops!)

Do you like to make desserts like strawberry shortcake from fruit picked from your garden or bought at the store? Most people who prepare strawberries will cut off the top and throw it out. However, you are wasting a perfect opportunity to use strawberry tops to make strawberry syrup. The process … [Read more...]

How To Make A Strawberry Arbor

Are you obsessed with gardening, but are running out of space to use? There will be few options available┬ádepending on what you want to grow. Do you want to plant some strawberries? A great option is to use a vertical gardening solution like a strawberry arbor. A strawberry arbor is similar to a … [Read more...]

Guide: Make A Strawberry Planter From A Kitty Litter Bucket

Do you have cats as pets and go through a lot of kitty litter? If you buy the product in buckets, then you have a great item that can have a lot of uses. Buckets are good for storage, but you know you can make a strawberry planter from a kitty litter bucket? You can easily make a strawberry … [Read more...]

Strawberry Hand Pies Recipe

Are you familiar with the baked or fried fruit pies at convenience stores and some fast food places? They are a tasty snack, but are not the most healthy due to the ingredients that are used. A better solution is to make your own snacks like strawberry hand pies. Making strawberry hand pies is a … [Read more...]

Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe

Do you have a supply of fresh strawberries from your garden or couldn't resist buying a quart at a local market? This is a great fruit to cut up and eat fresh, but any extra can easily be made into a pie. Making a fresh strawberry pie is not too difficult and can be a lot of fun. The key to fresh … [Read more...]

DIY Strawberry Tower With Reservoir

Growing your own strawberries is a great way to have a tasty fruit as a snack or as an ingredient for an elegant dessert. This type of fruit is typically grown in a garden and picked when ripe. If you live in an area without space for a garden, then another solution is needed. A strawberry tower is … [Read more...]