DIY Freestanding Closet Plans

Available storage in a home depends on many factors. If your home has limited closet space, then there are many options that you can consider. A versatile DIY option is to build a freestanding closet to have for excess clothes, storage items, or to have for guests to use. The key to making a new … [Read more...]

Ultimate Guide: 131 Survival Foods

Storing food for an emergency is a crucial aspect for survival preparedness. The main thing to realize is the types of foods that can be stored. There are many types of foods that can stay fresh when they are in a suitable container. All you need to do is know the best survival foods … [Read more...]

Storage Solutions All Around The House

Many types of products that are purchased at a hardware store or home improvement store can be used to create many DIY projects around the home. If you have a small house or organization is an issue for certain items, then creative storage solutions may be needed. There are many unique ideas … [Read more...]

Lumber Storage Rack Made From Scrap

The use of scrap lumber to make a storage rack for scrap lumber is a great way to reuse material that is taking up space. A garage or workshop can easily get cluttered by scrap wood which might be piled on a table or in a corner. If this is a problem, then you may want to build a lumber storage rack … [Read more...]