Simple DIY Home Solar Power System

Replacing utility-supplied electricity with solar power is the best way to go off the grid. This is also an option to make a little money as you can often sell any excess power to the utility company. If you want a new home solar power system, then a DIY installation is an option. You may be … [Read more...]

Make A Solar Panel Tripod Mount

One of the best ways to have electricity when camping is to use a battery and an inverter. However, the battery will need a way to be recharged. This can be done by using a solar panel. The main thing that is necessary for a solar panel is being in contact with the sun. You can easily do this by … [Read more...]

How To Get Free Solar Panels

The best option for a homeowner to use renewable energy is to install solar panels. You have the ability to save money on your monthly utility bill and even make a few bucks. Excess energy can be sold back to your local power utility based on the system set up for your home. The biggest problem with … [Read more...]