Easy DIY Pallet Shelving

Are you looking for a simple storage solution for a pottery studio or workshop? Shelving is typically an ideal option and a DIY solution is really easy to do. If you have some scrap lumber and a few pallets to use, then you can make your own pallet shelving. The process to make pallet shelving is … [Read more...]

DIY Build High Garage Storage Shelves

Do you lack storage space for items that are taking up space in your garage? Adding some cabinets is a great option, but this can take up floor space you may not have. The only option that may be feasible is to add shelving. Making garage storage shelves is a great DIY project. A few pieces of … [Read more...]

DIY Rope Shelf

Do you have a few pieces of scrap wood and some rope? If you do, then you have a┬álot of things that you can make to use around your home. An awesome idea is to make a rope shelf that you can place on any wall or hang from the ceiling. If you are familiar with a rope swing, then a rope shelf is … [Read more...]