How To Preserve Lemons In Salt

Do you enjoy having a lemon wedge with your water or like to use lemons when cooking? If you run out of lemons and they are out of season, then you will be out of luck. You should not have this problem if you preserve some for use at a later time. A good option is to preserve lemons in … [Read more...]

How To Make Tomato Salt From Your Tomato Skins

Are you someone who likes to add food scraps to a compost pile? This is a great way to reuse food that would otherwise be thrown in the trash. Something that is perfect for a compost pile is the skins from a tomato. However, you can also use these skins to make tomato salt. Making tomato salt is … [Read more...]

Curing Olives: Basic Brine & Salt Methods

Olives are a great item to add to many types of recipes. However, the cost of a store bought product is often costly compared to the size of the container. If you have a supply of raw olives, then you have the option to can them at home. The easiest method for curing olives is to add them to a … [Read more...]