18 Things You Should Not Throw Away And Should Turn Into Something Cool

Do you throw away things that you think will no longer be any good? You may be shocked to find out a lot of the things you throw away can be reused and can save you money. All you need to do is research the types of things you should not throw away. A couple of things you should not throw away … [Read more...]

Adjustable Glass Bottle Cutter

Reusing a lot of everyday products can be done in fun and unique ways. This will include taking a glass bottle and cutting it to create a drinking glass. One way to do is to use a glass bottle cutter. You can easily make your own if you have some leftover wood and the right materials. The most … [Read more...]

30 Genius Ways To Reuse And Repurpose Empty Pill Bottles

People who are prescribed various medications typically find they have a lot of empty bottles that accumulate over time. Many people may simply throw some of them away or use some for a variety of other uses around the home. If you have a lot of empty pill bottles, then some uses may be … [Read more...]