4 Ways To Remove Tree Stumps

Trees are cut down for many different reasons. This can include having wood to burn for heat or to use when cooking a meal. A tree may also be cut down because it is diseased. You simply need to determine what to do with the stump. Luckily, there are many ways to remove tree stumps. Most people … [Read more...]

DIY Mold Removing Spray

Do you have a basement that is┬álargely unused in the spring? You may find that excess moisture in a confined area can result in mildew and even mold. Treating mold can be done in many ways. A simple mold removing spray that is non-toxic will be perfect. The key to a mold removing spray which is … [Read more...]

Natural Ways To Clean And Remove Mold

Mold that develops on surfaces in bathrooms or in the basement is caused by excessive moisture. If the humidity in your home or even just your bathrooms, is too high, then surface mold easily develops over time. You can remove most surface mold in your home really easily. However, mold behind sinks … [Read more...]