Make A Cooler From A Broken Refrigerator And Pallets

What do a broken refrigerator and some old pallets have in common? They can both be used to make an outdoor cooler for a backyard or patio. A few tools and supplies are all you will need to make a cooler from a broken refrigerator. Some pallets will also be a vital component of the cooler. There … [Read more...]

DIY Refrigerator Root Cellar

Do you have an old refrigerator that no longer works or are replacing an old unit with something that is new? A great way to reuse an old refrigerator is to make a refrigerator root cellar. This is a great way to keep food like fruits and vegetables cool. A refrigerator root cellar is not … [Read more...]

Save Money & Energy By Cleaning Your Refrigerator Coils

The one appliance in the kitchen that is often taken for granted is the refrigerator. This unit simply just runs and typically needs cleaning once in a while. However, units that are not cleaned regularly may start to make an unusual noise and use more energy. A simple way to save energy is to clean … [Read more...]