DIY Shake And Bake Recipe

Do like to have fried chicken, but prefer the texture of Shake and Bake? You can easily find products that are store bought, but a homemade version is healthier and may also be cheaper. A really simple shake and bake recipe can be used to make baked chicken at home. Homemade breading using a … [Read more...]

Simple Chicken Jerky Recipe (And Turkey Jerky Too!)

Do you have a dehydrator at home that you use to dry out various types of foods? You might also use it to make tasty snacks like beef jerky. Something you may not have thought about is making chicken jerky. A chicken jerky recipe is available for this purpose. The one important thing about any … [Read more...]

Best Meatloaf Recipe Ever

Are you looking for a tasty meal that you can prepare for a group of friends? Something you might want to make at home is a meatloaf roll. A really easy meatloaf recipe is available that you can do outside or in your kitchen. Things You … [Read more...]

Homemade Hush Puppies Recipe

Are you trying to eat out less or have stopped eating out entirely? You may find that you are starting to miss some of the meals and food selections you used to enjoy. One type of food that is tasty and can be made at home is homemade hush puppies. A batch of homemade hush puppies only require a … [Read more...]

Recipe: Go-To Pizza Dough + Recipes

Do you like pizza and are getting tired of buying pies from the store that have very little flavor? Making your own pizza at home is not a difficult task when using your own go-to pizza dough. If you can make a pie crust from scratch, then homemade pizza dough is just as easy. You do not need a … [Read more...]

Recipe Ideas To Utilize Your Broccoli Stems

Are you someone who just loves broccoli, but only eats the florets? Many people are like this and often throw away the broccoli stems or pieces of the stalk. This may be ok if you are putting your leftover food in a compost pile, but there are other options to consider. The way you use broccoli … [Read more...]

How To Make Mead (Plus 5 Mead Recipes To Try)

Are you interested in making your own alcoholic beverages at home? One drink that is easy to make to enjoy on a hot summer day is a cold glass of mead. If you learn how to make mead, then you will have a drink that is really tasty and can have many variations. The main thing to remember about how … [Read more...]

Crockpot Lasagna Recipe

Do you like lasagna, but do not have a pan or an oven handy? You are in luck as you can easily make a tasty lasagna at home by using a slow cooker or crockpot. The same ingredients or even some healthier than those in a regular lasagna can be used to make crockpot lasagna. One difference between … [Read more...]

90 Minute Bread Recipe

Are you interested in baking your own bread and do not want to use a bread baking machine? You have a lot of options depending on the type of bread you want to bake. If you are not the best baker, then you can use this simple recipe to make some tasty 90 minute bread. The best thing about 90 … [Read more...]

Guide: How To Peel Chicken Feet

Do you know that you may be discarding pieces of a chicken that can add a lot of flavor to a stock or a homemade soup? If you are butchering chickens to have for meat, then make sure that you save the feet. Your next task is to learn how to peel chicken feet. You will start with some boiling … [Read more...]