21 Ways To Beautify Your Rain Catchment Barrels

A rain barrel is a great way to harvest water to use to water your lawn or your garden. These barrels are typically a solid color that is not all that pretty. This means you may want to research ways to beautify your rain catchment barrels attached to a downspout. Rain barrels are fairly easy to … [Read more...]

16 DIY Outdoor Showers

Do you have a pond on your property or have a pool without an outdoor area to wash off? If you do not have anywhere to wash off, then an outdoor shower may be needed. There are many types of outdoor showers you can select to build as a weekend DIY project. You only need a source of water if you … [Read more...]

How To Build A Rain Barrel For Under $30

Did you know that you can collect over a thousand gallons of water a year when you use rain barrels for rain water collection and storage? Barrels can typically hold anywhere from 50 – 80 gallons and for each inch of rains that falls on a 500-square foot roof, you can collect 3,000 gallons of … [Read more...]