Fast And Easy PVC Garden Watering System For Under $70

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to water a traditional garden or container garden setup? One of the best options is to use a DIY system that is inexpensive and not hard to put together. You might want to make something like a PVC garden watering system. A PVC garden watering system will … [Read more...]

100+ PVC Plans And Ideas

Do you have a huge supply of old PVC pipe that can be used for DIY projects? One problem that many people often have is coming up with an interesting idea for a project. A great way to find ideas for DIY projects using PVC pipe is to review a list of PVC plans. PVC pipe will come in many sizes … [Read more...]

DIY PVC Wet Boots Dryer

Working outside on a rainy day, often means the clothes you wear will be wet. You can easily wash and dry clothes at home, but a pair of boots is another story. One option is to place them near a heat vent or other source of dry air. However, a PVC wet boots dryer may┬ácome in handy in warmer weather … [Read more...]

How To Build A 20-Foot Functional Geodesic Dome Out Of PVC

Building a temporary structure or a structure that is easily portable can be done using various materials like wood or PVC. If you like to use different types of materials in creative ways, then you may want to build a geodesic dome out of PVC. This type of structure will look similar to an old … [Read more...]

DIY PVC Frame Grow Light System

Setting up grow lights in your home can be done in many ways. Most indoor grow light options found online and at various retail stores are typically expensive. The reason is the frame that will be used to support the bulbs. You can easily build your own grow light system that can be used on a table … [Read more...]

How To Build A PVC Watering Grid For Square Foot Gardening

If you are a new square foot gardener, this PVC watering grid for square foot gardening will save you a huge amount of time watering your garden. Many fans of the square foot gardening method reduce their time watering by installing a watering grid system. You can build your own system for your … [Read more...]