10 Perfect DIY Projects for the Homestead

There are many ways to add things to your homestead. One option is to buy what you need and the other is to build what you need. If you like to build things and save some money along the way, then you may want to some of these projects to update your homestead. Chicken Coop  Building a … [Read more...]

100+ PVC Plans And Ideas

Do you have a huge supply of old PVC pipe that can be used for DIY projects? One problem that many people often have is coming up with an interesting idea for a project. A great way to find ideas for DIY projects using PVC pipe is to review a list of PVC plans. PVC pipe will come in many sizes … [Read more...]

25 Ways To Use a Drop Cloth In Your Home

Do you have a drop cloth that was purchased to use when repainting the interior of your home? A basic drop cloth is beneficial as it prevents paint from making a mess on the floor. If you have one that is left over from a DIY project, then you may want to find other ways to use a drop cloth in your … [Read more...]

DIY Solar Power Project For The Shed Or Chicken Coop

Saving money on your property can be done in many ways. One option you may want to use is a solar power set up for a hen house and other structures. There are a few things that will need to be done when you want to do any solar power project on your homestead. A solar power project is a great way … [Read more...]