18 Impressive DIY Garden Benches

Are you interested in doing something with wood as a DIY project? Many options are available, and you may find that making your own DIY garden benches is a perfect way to add some seating to favorite garden spot. Below are several stylish and functional ideas for you to consider to add a garden … [Read more...]

18 Brilliant Ways To Use Reclaimed Wood

Making furniture or pieces of art from reclaimed wood is a great way you can be environmentally friendly. There are a lot of brilliant ways to use reclaimed wood whenever you want to start a DIY woodworking project. 1. Make a rustic lamp from an old piece of lumber. 2. Making a pencil or … [Read more...]

18 Ways To Upcycle Logs And Tree Branches

Do you harvest a lot of trees around your home for firewood or timber? A great alternative to burning leftover pieces is to find creative ways to upcycle logs and tree branches after trees have been harvested. 1. Make a garment rack for your closet. 2. Build an arbor for your … [Read more...]