11 Methods To Preserve Food And Stock Your Pantry

Fresh food that you pick from your garden or bring home from the store does not keep forever. The best way to make sure food lasts as long as possible is to use methods to preserve food so you have a full pantry. 1. Canning Water Bath Canning Pressure Canning 25 Best Real Food … [Read more...]

Guide: How To Freeze Green Beans

Do you buy canned green beans from the grocery store? These are a good way to have a vegetable in a pinch, but fresh green beans is a better option. If you grow green beans at home, then you can preserve them by freezing. All you need to do is learn how to freeze green beans. The process for how … [Read more...]

13 Things To Know Before You Dehydrate Food

Do you want to preserve various types of foods to have for future meals? There are many ways that are available to do this depending on what you prefer. One option is to freeze your food, but you may want to consider dehydration. However, there are important things to know before you dehydrate … [Read more...]

Pot Roast In A Jar (Canning Roast Beef)

Do you like the idea of canning food to have available when you want a tasty meal? All you need to do is determine which type of food you want to put into cans and then figure out what method to use. One idea that might just be perfect is canning roast beef. The process to can roast beef is … [Read more...]

How To Preserve Herbs In Salt

Do you grow various types of herbs at home in a garden or in containers? If you have a huge harvest of herbs, then you may want to preserve some to use later. You have many options to consider if you want to preserve herbs at home. This includes being able to preserve herbs in salt. There are … [Read more...]

How To Preserve Pretty Much Anything

Do you know that almost anything you can grow or obtain which is fresh can be preserved? The method that is used to preserve foods will vary, but the result is food that you have to use when you want. You will have the choice to preserve pretty much anything you want to have for a meal. The … [Read more...]

How To Can Chicken On The Bone

Canning is a great way to keep various types of food preserved for future use. This includes vegetables, fruits, and even beef. You might be surprised to know chicken can also be canned. If you raise your own chickens for meat, then you may want to know how to can chicken on the bone. Make sure you … [Read more...]

Homemade Old Fashioned Dill Pickle Recipe

Our family loves dill pickles with just about everything. Perhaps you have a family that does, too. They remind us of the 4th of July for some reason. Maybe it’s because we always have ice-cold dill pickles with our potato salad and BBQ on the 4th. Every time we bite into a crispy one, we’re taken … [Read more...]

Canning Tips And Tricks To Get You Started

One of the best ways to preserve various vegetables and some fruits is through canning. If you never learned about the process of canning foods, then a few canning tips will help when beginning this activity. In the hopes of helping you get the most out of the canning experience, we've found a … [Read more...]

How To Dehydrate Cheese DIY

Learning how to dehydrate cheese is a clever way to keep cheese viable for a much longer period and to maintain it without refrigeration. This clever tutorial will take you through each step of cheese dehydration and includes several helpful tips to make the process easier and more successful. The … [Read more...]